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The importance, purpose, and rise of the event technologist


After years of pandemic-induced stagnation, events are having a moment. According to Live Design – a publication that covers live entertainment news – the volume of meetings and events is back to pre-pandemic levels in many regions, with some venues expecting record-breaking volumes in 2023.

This explosive demand has increased the need for event technologists – people with expertise in organizing events and working with event technology. The event technologist role, once new, is now a necessity – at least if you want to pull off a smooth event using the latest tools and approaches. 

Now that events are happening again, there’s an increased need for event technologists who understand how to connect technology and traditional event management expertise. Individuals with this unique combination of experience are the critical ingredient to pulling off seamless events. 

If you’re wondering, what, exactly, does an event technologist do and how can they enhance the overall success of my events, then you’ve come to the right blog post. Below, we unpack what’s involved with this role. From our own experience, incorporating an event technologist into your team can significantly improve your events and create happier attendees and presenters.

What is an event technologist?

Event technologists, while savvy with technology, are not your event’s IT person. Rather, they’re  event professionals and consultants that typically specialize in a specific platform. Some areas they can help with include:

  • Referring and recommending the best event registration technology platform based on your needs 
  • Staying up-to-date with new event management technologies, event industry news, and trends
  • Using technology to plan, organize, and execute events
  • Combining their event management knowledge with a knack for technology – a recipe that ensures the machinery’s working properly before, during, and after an event
  • Be a pivotal member of your onsite support staff during an event to manage registration and other technology platforms

At Go Gladys, our event technologists are responsible for leveraging various tools and solutions to enhance different aspects of our events. The tools range from total event registration management platforms like Swoogo or Cvent, mobile applications that drive attendee engagement through gamification, and hardware and software solutions for badge printing, on-site check-in, attendee tracking and reporting.

What does an event technologist do?

Event technologists work with clients to choose the right technology for their event and goals. Our aim is to build the best solution on your chosen platform – or to recommend a platform based on our own experience. 

It’s not just about the software. Event technologists can also specialize the hardware solutions that make events work including on-site check in, badge printing, and wearable interactive technologies. We work behind the scenes and lean on our extensive experience to ensure events run smoothly. That means applying best practices to ensure all steps of the event process, including software and hardware management, are seamless.

Event technologists are all about planning what data you need to run the most seamless event. We construct event technology registration solutions that prioritize our clients’ data needs then analyze this data, creating simplified reports supporting you throughout the entire event management process. The ultimate goal is to reduce our client’s workload while producing a seamless event reporting experience. 

Tech-related responsibilities vary based on event, but typically include some or all of the following:

  • Managing registration and ticketing systems
  • Working with event websites and mobile apps
  • Setting up event analytics and data management
  • Implementing interactive displays and installations
  • Researching, selecting, and/or using virtual and hybrid event platforms

If you’re an event manager and need guidance on your event technology solutions, here’s how adding a skilled event technologist to your team can help you create successful events:

  1. Event technology selection: Event technologists carefully evaluate and select appropriate technology solutions to meet the specific needs and goals of an event. At Go Gladys we take into account the data needed and build our recommendations based on a number of factors. These could include choosing event registration management software, virtual event platforms, attendee engagement tools, or RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) systems, among others.
  2. Implementation and integration: Event technologists work with various vendors and service providers to integrate different technologies and systems seamlessly. Think of the role like a contractor managing a large home renovation. Similar to a contractor, an event technologist ensures that all components work together seamlessly and deliver a unified experience for attendees—from registration to the use of onsite technology.
  3. Data analysis and reporting: Event technologists utilize event technology to collect data on attendee behavior, engagement, and preferences. They analyze this data to gain insights into event success, make informed decisions for future events, and provide comprehensive reports to stakeholders.
  4. Innovation and trend monitoring: Event technologists keep up with the latest trends and innovations in event technology and identify opportunities to incorporate them into event strategies. They explore emerging technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and gamification to enhance the event experience.

The importance of the event technologist

Great event technologists can demonstrate mid- to long-term event technology strategies that align with your business vision and mission. They exploit innovation and collaborate with all the players involved in making events happen. 

There is an essential human quality to event technologists that can’t be replaced by AI or automation. Rather, they understand the complexity involved in running seamless events while ensuring that your attendees and presenters have the tools they need to be fully immersed in the event experience. 

With a skilled and certified team of Swoogo and Cvent event technologists and 25 years of combined experience in the event industry, GoGladys has the top-quality event technology support you need. Contact us today to get started on your next event project.

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