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Go Gladys produces corporate event presentations that involve careful planning, attention to detail and collaboration with stakeholders every step of the way.

From music selection to on screen graphics, our videos engage and insight emotion. The Go Gladys event video production steps include:

  1. Pre-production: The Go Gladys team will work with event stakeholders to establish goals and objectives for event video graphics and work with your team to develop concepts/storyboards, that way everyone has a clear understanding of the vision. write scripts, develop, animate graphics, and identify the video needed to evoke amazing event experiences.
  2. Once ideation has been established Go Gladys will write scripts, identify which graphics need to be animated, and start to produce the video needed to evoke an amazing event experience.
  3. Production: Go Gladys can either capture or source the footage or both. This includes for a live shoot: setting up equipment, lighting, and sound, directing talent, and recording the footage. The Go Gladys team will animate on screen graphics and make sure that your event theme is brought to life creating emotional and thought provoking videos that engage your audience.
  4. Post-production: After producing the footage we will edit and refine by reviewing and selecting the best takes, organizing and assembling footage, adding transitions and effects, laying sound/music, animating graphics and color correction.
  5. Review and feedback: Once our internal team has refined the video, we will share the edited version to gather feedback. Changes and revisions will be made to the video as needed based on stakeholders feedback.
  6. Finalize and deliver: Once the video is finalized we will deliver the final product in various formats or upload it to an online platform ready to be shared at your event.

The most effective videos tell a story and it all starts with an inspiring event theme. When we set out to produce event videos, we’ve always got a beginning, middle, and end in mind. Often, we like to have an ending in mind, then work backwards. There needs to be a strong nugget of an idea in every video. The key to event engagement is great ideas.

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