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Go Gladys are Cvent Certified Event Technologists

Cvent is an event management technology platform that can help you plan, manage, and execute engaging, impactful events. Cvent is a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider of event management technology solutions. Go Gladys event technologists are Cvent Event Management certified. They design and manage the various aspects of events creating sleek, powerful user experiences for both admin and attendees within the Cvent platform. Cvent is specifically designed to increase audience engagement and ROI and the Go Gladys team leverage the native features within the platform to ensure seamless registration, event marketing, attendee management, event logistics, and reporting.

Go Gladys Cvent Event Technologists work with event planners, marketing teams, and other stakeholders to understand the event requirements and then use the Cvent platform to manage the event processes efficiently. They are proficient in using various Cvent modules such as the event website builder, registration builder, email marketing, surveys, travel and hotel room tracking, mobile event app, onsite check-in, badge printing, and survey tools.

Cvent has been optimizing events for planners since 1999 – The platform has been around this long for a reason, and Cvent has loads of customizable features to make the entire event experience a streamlined process all around. Go Gladys creates conditional registration forms, beautifully branded event websites, and offers a robust attendee, exhibitor, and sponsor website and mobile application to drive engagement and generate leads, all within Cvent. Our technologists have a clear understanding of industry best practices for event management. We work in various industries, including corporate events, meetings, conferences, trade shows, and exhibitions, for Healthcare, Automotive, Financial Services and Insurance, and many other niche trade companies and organizations.