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Compelling Video to Build Your Brand

Go Gladys™ helps organizations and businesses elevate their brand by creating powerful video experiences that audiences will feel and remember. We are experts in video production, supporting you through ideation and storyboards to editing and publishing your final cut.

Rising Ground 190th Anniversary Video

A great example of our “video without video” concept. Using archival imagery, talented voices and music, we created a 22 minute video telling 190 years of history that was of a quality to merit a New York City Premiere!

Dutchess County Vaccination Video

A unique approach was aimed at vaccine-hesitant younger audiences to appear on platforms such as Twitch and TikTok. For that we recruited a world ranked beat boxer and his team to do something completely different. Go Gladys provided scripting that was then incorporated into the beatbox style. Diversity was an important factor and the participants were of various ethnicities.