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Go Gladys™ redefines the way presentations are created, designed, delivered and experienced. Online and offline.

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Consistently delivering effective presentations
is critical to your success.

Go Gladys is versatile and flexible, allowing you to quickly customize your presentation to the direction of the conversation.

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"The Go Gladys platform is creative, intuitive, interactive and we love it. It has helped us engage more fully with our employees, clients and prospects in a way we could not do prior to using Go Gladys."

Daily Voice Media Group

Increase Sales, Productivity
and Client Retention

Presenters and audiences can engage in two-way, real-time dialogue, with the unique ability to drill down on categorized concepts in a logical and organized way that follows the conversation, and it’s all shareable and trackable!

Communicate with target audiences and track results in real time

Go Gladys presentation builder empowers teams and individuals to easily design, edit and collaborate to create dynamic presentations that engage audiences in ways previously impossible.

Create an infinite number of
branded presentations – fast!

Use the Go Gladys Content Library to store, organize, parse, and sort vast amounts of content to create consistently designed and branded presentations.

An analytical and data-driven approach to sales

Go Gladys technology allows presentations of any size to be delivered in an efficient, effective and new multi-dimensional way. Analytics give you invaluable insight into customer interest.

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