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Go Gladys are Swoogo Event Technologists

What is Swoogo? A completely customizable cloud-based event management and planning software platform that rocks!

You know all those registration forms you have to fill out when you’re attending pretty much anything? Swoogo has streamlined the whole registration process so it’s super easy for attendees to use. All the event details are within Swoogo, event website, marketing, branding, email campaigns, data collection — and Go Gladys are experts in building complete events on the Swoogo event platform. Want to put on an incredible event but not sure how? No problem with Go Gladys and Swoogo.

Maybe plan, manage and produce multiple events each year. Swoogo is the cost-effective way to stay on top of them all. It allows you to create custom registration forms, designate different registration types, target your optimal audience, offer video streaming and payment gateways, gather and evaluate data, and showcase your brand. Another key benefit: Swoogo’s pricing model adjusts to many event types, so whatever you’re planning, Swoogo is in step with only what you need.

Swoogo’s a whiz to use but if set up incorrectly, it cannot give you the data needed to run a successful event. That’s where Go Gladys comes in. We’re Swoogo experts, we harness the power of this new and exciting event platform. In fact, we’re so good, Swoogo refers us to their clients. We deliver it all, soup to nuts, in the form of technical support to build any type of event you have in mind: in-person, virtual or hybrid.

We know Swoogo. Better yet, we know events.

  • We’re proudly women owned and operated
  • We’re totally focused on our customers and want nothing more than their success
  • We’re trusted by Swoogo and our clients
  • We understand every aspect of Swoogo event management, from small niche events to multi-national conferences
  • We use Swoogo for our own events so we know exactly what it takes to put on a buzz-generating, knock-it-out-of-the-park event

A custom-designed Swoogo experience

Using Swoogo’s native design features, we meticulously follow your branding guidelines, and our in-house graphic designers ensure your branded look and feel are accurately executed. When a potential participant enters your event site, we are experts at organizing information that converts leads into registrations. Plus, our in-house developers can create custom features such as interactive graphics so that registrants have a very positive, streamlined user experience. Our copywriters can develop engaging content should you need it.

Why choose Swoogo?

  • #1 in customer service
  • Cost effective: unlimited participants and events included in annual fee
  • Registration is completely customizable, featuring unlimited conditional logic
  • Drag-and-drop design functionality
  • A multitude of 3rd-party integrations that seamlessly sync up with mobile apps
  • Cutting edge, user-friendly and robust
  • Open API that enables integration with other event platforms such as Cvent, Passkey and SwapCard

Swoogo refers us to their clients that are looking for event technical support

“I can’t tell you enough what a “God send” Go Gladys has been. We just love working them, they are the perfect compliment to our company”

Client L

We invite you to check out our sample events below and contact us to chat about your next event.

Swoogo Carribean Event

Swoogo Healthcare Conference

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