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Improving User Trust and Event Success: A Go Gladys + Swoogo Event Management Case Study

Go Gladys recently collaborated with a client to plan and execute an event registration on Swoogo event management platform. In this case study, we will highlight the successful implementation of various features that improved usability, decreased event email bounce rates, increased visibility, matched company and event branding throughout the event website and communications, and facilitated on-site badge printing.

The client is a large auto industry corporation that organizes an annual sales conference bringing together their top performing team from various parts of the USA. The event had a significant impact on the company’s image, and the registration website played a crucial role in shaping the attendees’ perception of the event. We worked with the client’s internal IT team to create a custom URL and email for the event.

The solution:

We started by collaborating with the client’s internal IT team and Swoogo’s customer support team to implement a custom URL. This custom URL improved user trust by providing a consistent and recognizable domain name that reflected the company’s branding.

Next, we implemented a custom sender email address to decrease email bounce rates and increase visibility in the invitee’s inbox. The email address matched the company’s naming conventions and provided a recognizable sender name increasing the invitee’s confidence in the email communication and delivering more emails to primary email accounts rather than spam.

We then redesigned the event website, email invite and automated emails to match the company and event branding. The design improved the invitee’s perception of the event and increased the visibility of the company’s branding.

Next the registration form fields were updated to collect only the data needed. This added a layer of simplification and improved the user experience reducing time required to complete the registration process.

Finally, we created custom name badges in Swoogo and an editable blank PDF version for on-site badge printing. Customization, that streamlined fonts and overall improved the attendee’s experience, facilitating a smooth on-site registration process.

The Results:

The registration website we delivered exceeded our client’s expectations. The custom URL and email improved user trust, decreased email bounce rates and increased visibility in the invitee’s inbox. We matched the redesigned invite and automated emails to the company branding, and the simplified registration form fields improved the user experience.

All name badges were customized and an editable PDF version facilitated a smooth on-site registration process and provided a professional appearance for attendees.

The redesign we made to the website and email communication had a significant impact on the success of the event. The custom URL improved user trust and the registration rate increased by 63% compared to the previous year’s event. Additionally, the custom sender email address decreased email bounce rates and increased visibility in the invitee’s inbox. Email open rates increased to 66%, compared to 56% email open rate the previous year. These results demonstrated that our efforts to improve user trust, increase visibility, and match branding were successful and had a tangible impact on the success of the event.

The Go Gladys attention to detail, focus on user experience, and collaboration with the client’s team and Swoogo’s support team helped to ensure that the registration website was successful in facilitating a smooth and professional registration process for the attendees.