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At Go Gladys We Know Events

  • We’re trusted by the event platforms we use and our clients

  • We know what event technology you need to create the optimal event experience

  • We’re focused on our customers and want nothing more than their success

  • We understand every aspect of Swoogo and Cvent event management, from small niche events to multi-national conferences – we’re event technologists

  • We know exactly what it takes to put on a buzz-generating, knock-it-out-of-the-park event

  • We’re proudly women owned and operated

Think of Go Gladys as part of your event planning team.

We offer direct to client or white label services, integrating into your team as much or as little as you need and want us to be. We’re happy to work one-on-one with you to gather extensive information on what data you need from each event and build a registration process that meets your data goals. We are comfortable with every aspect of events, data, and event technology.

We’ve built a process that works really, really well.

At Go Gladys, our process is what sets us apart. Starting with the data you need to capture from the event platform, we tailor each event registration platform build to meet those requirements, including complete event information, from planning to hotel bookings, we develop the event site by matching branding guidelines, testing the registration process, building reports and communicating all information on a timely basis.

Once we build, we test. First internally, then through a small controlled client audience. Then we launch the site. Even after the registration process is live, we don’t go anywhere. We’re here to support your event team, giving you support and data as and when you need it, such as robust email marketing (we can write them if you’d like), reminders, updates and notifications — pre-, during, and post-event.

Woman-owned and operated event technologists

As event technologists, we’re event experts with a deep understanding of both event operations and technology.

Why work with Go Gladys event technologists

  • We understand the importance of timely event data

  • We know event platforms inside and out

  • Our event team has spent years working with Swoogo and Cvent and know their support teams

  • We are process driven. We always know what’s next and communicate this with our clients

  • We are solution oriented

  • We understand the curated amount of reporting that is possible within Swoogo and Cvent

  • We’re masters in communication

  • We can execute most platform changes within 24-48 hours

Swoogo Event Platform Management

Cvent Event Platform Management