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Go Gladys™ is an official certified Swoogo Agency Partner!

Go Gladys™ is delighted to share that we are now officially a certified Agency Partner with Swoogo! Our expert team of event technologists are Swoogo event specialists with hundreds of hours creating beautiful event experiences in the platform.

Our team works with internal events teams and independent event planners and managers to help them build beautiful custom event websites, registration forms, mobile apps, detailed reports and much more all for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events within Swoogo. Here are some of the services we offer within Swoogo:

  • Setup and management of Swoogo event registration websites and forms
  • Custom reporting for registration data
  • Managing and organizing hotel reports and rooming lists
  • Setup and management of Swoogo mobile app
  • Badge creation
  • Facilitate custom URL implementation
  • Create sub-accounts for multi-account management
  • + Any other client needs within their chosen event software

At Go Gladys™, we are highly skilled in finding unique yet simple solutions to complex requests, and have the ability to push any event platform to its limits to give our clients exactly what they need (and want!) from their event tech. Plus, with our 20+ years in website and marketing experience, we have the resources to help you manage custom CSS and integrations within Swoogo.

As an official agency partner, Swoogo has referred our agency to several of their existing accounts to help them reach their goals within the platform and leverage its features to cater to their exact needs, and we’re excited and looking forward to working with even more new and existing Swoogo users.

Why Swoogo? Their all-in-one platform allows you to create stunning event experiences. With their tiered license pricing, you get unlimited events with unlimited registrants with access to all of their product’s features* (*mobile app credits and Call for Speakers at an additional cost).

Trying to decide which event software is best for you? Contact us today to discuss your event goals and we’ll work together to find the best solution, or ask your Swoogo account executive about how a certified Swoogo Agency partner like Go Gladys™ can help you achieve your goals in Swoogo.

Already a Swoogo user? You can contact us directly for assistance with any of your Swoogo needs, or contact your account manager to ask how you can work with their trusted agency partner, Go Gladys™.

We help organizations and businesses elevate their brand by creating compelling experiences across video, events and digital marketing channels. We’re experts in video production, event technology support, and digital marketing. Plus, we’re women owned & operated and WBE-certified for NYC and New York State.

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