Cvent Event Case Study

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Revolutionizing Customer Experiences with Go Gladys’ Event Technology Expertise and Customized Solutions

When an international home healthcare group faced challenges in building out their event using Cvent, a popular event management tool, they knew they needed expert help to elevate their customer experiences. That’s when they turned to Go Gladys for event management and guidance on whether to stay with Cvent or switch to a different event technology platform. The client’s goal was to find a solution that could reduce the manual work required to get the data they needed, and Go Gladys was eager to provide a customized solution that automated processes and enhanced the attendee experience.

Determining the Best Event Technology Platform for Enhanced Customer Experiences

At Go Gladys, we thrive on the opportunity to revolutionize customer experiences through our event technology expertise and customized solutions. We started the process by interviewing the client and gaining insight into how they wanted the data they needed from the reporting, then we conducted extensive research to determine the best event platform management tools needed to accomplish the client’s needs. After careful evaluation, we decided to continue with Cvent due to its efficiency in matching event participants as roommates.

The Go Gladys team of event technologists are Cvent Event Management certified to provide the best service and outcome for each event build.

Customized Event Solutions for Unique Client Requirements

Collaborating closely with the client’s internal event team, we identified the data they needed and wanted to collect from the event. To save time and be cost efficient, we built the event website in-house, adhering to the client’s branding guidelines and providing them with a full website experience for the event within days and on deadline. Our team created a custom solution within Cvent to meet the client’s unique registration requirements, including pre-populating registrant data using invite lists and allowing registrants to add guests without them needing to register themselves. We also built an event management solution that enabled registrants to input all hotel request information without using Cvent’s native hotel request feature, allowing the client’s internal team to assign hotels after registration and to have sessions visible only to certain registration types.

Enhancing Customer Experiences with User-Friendly Solutions

At Go Gladys, we’re passionate about enhancing customer experiences through user-friendly solutions. In addition to building a customized event website and registration process, we developed the Attendee Hub website and mobile app feature, providing a seamless experience for attendees to access all event-related information.

Outcome: High Client Satisfaction, Increased Attendee Engagement, and Improved Reporting Capabilities

With our event technology expertise and customized solutions, Go Gladys delivered an event that exceeded the unique needs of our client, resulting in high client satisfaction, increased attendee engagement, and improved reporting capabilities for the client’s internal team. We also trained the client’s internal team on how to access, interpret, and manipulate custom reports to get the data they needed in real time. Overall, Go Gladys demonstrated our unwavering commitment to offering solutions that took the client from chaos to control, we transformed the event platform management experience and we would be happy to do the same for you.