Case Study Increased Registration

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What We Did

Client did not want to change the design of the previous event’s site so we updated the colors and graphics to match this year’s theme

Implemented a custom URL to improve user-trust

Implemented custom sender email address to decrease email bounce rates and increase visibility in invitee’s inboxes

Redesigned invite and automated emails to match company and event branding

Updated the registration form fields to collect only the data needed

Created custom name badges in Swoogo and an editable blank PDF version for on-site badge printing



Registration Increase

Increased registrations by 63% compared to the previous year’s event.


Email Open Rate Increase

Invite email open rate 66%, compared to 56% the previous year.

Swoogo refers us to their clients that are looking for event technical support

“I can’t tell you enough what a “God send” Go Gladys has been. We just love working them, they are the perfect compliment to our company”

Client L