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Create data-driven events you and your attendees will love

Go Gladys creates custom events with your data in mind. We start each build by asking what information you need and want from your registrants, and what data you want to see in your reports to help you and your team manage your events over time.

Get the most from your event registration platform with custom reporting

Our events are specifically designed to generate the data you need. Go Gladys can create customized reports that display the exact insights you want, right when you want them. The event management platforms we use most, such as Swoogo, allows us to build dynamic reports to share with you and that you can access any time, without having to generate a new spreadsheet every time. We can also use analytics from previous events to target attendees, create more valuable content and grow your future events with cross-event reporting.

User-friendly, branded event experiences that perform

The Go Gladys team has been brought into new and existing event projects to help streamline the registration process and ensure brand consistency throughout the event website and email communications. For annual events that we have taken over, our clients saw significant growth in invitee response rate and overall registration totals compared to past versions of the same event. See how Go Gladys increased registration for an annual corporate event by 63%.

Keep your event data safe and secure

The data collected during your events is important, and it’s vital to keep that data safe. We make sure your data is secure through our event platforms and file management system. Go Gladys does not store any sensitive event data on internal servers or external drives. Swoogo event management platform is SOC2 and ISO 27001 certified, PCI DSS compliant, and GDPR compliant.

Swoogo refers us to their clients that are looking for event technical support

“I can’t tell you enough what a “God send” Go Gladys has been. We just love working them, they are the perfect compliment to our company”

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